County Hotel

Welcome to the County Hotel, a three-star hotel from the Cairn Group which can be found in the city centre of Carlisle, directly opposite Carlisle Rail Station.

Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available throughout our period property, while drivers will be happy to hear that the hotel offers secure parking, free of charge.

Breakfast is included and each room has acces to a 24/7 catering staff fully equiped to make the best meals possible; whats a meal without a drink? There is a bar with a wde range of bevareges from alcohol to soda.

Meetings & Events

Accomodated with a variety of rooms specially designed for different occasions. Able to hold around 130-140 people.

Local Treasures

Surrounded by stunning scenery and close to various historic sites such as Athenas temple; Carlisle is the perfect spot for a getaway

Luxury Couisine

Home to The Gallerie Restaurant & Portland Bar, The County Hotel has all you need to enjoy your stay.